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Early Spring Nature


Early Spring Nature - the newest design study in subjects Spring Flowers . This is an excellent choice for your phone or tablet.Spring Flowers . Early Spring Nature.Early Spring Nature - nice and simple live wallpaper with beautiful effects and animations. The app is free.============Application Early Spring Nature. To install.- Application Early Spring Nature - installed on the device.- Settings -> Apps -> find and activate "Early Spring Nature"On the order of application Early Spring Nature the user can be found using the demo video.=======The live wallpaper is integrated effect "sparks" - you move your finger across the screen, accompanied by a group of his lights and sparks. Initial settings of the original maximum effects.The increased number of simultaneous connection animations and effects leads to instability.Quick Input settings by double-tapping the screen. Disabling the call by double-tapping the settings in the main settings.HQ high quality images directly relevant to the application - Spring Flowers.The user can move the main background is the touch of a finger.Animated images (sequins, sparkles, lights) are involved in the overall scenario Early Spring Nature. Saturation workspace animations adjusted in the settings menu of the application.The application includes a sound - the sound of the theme of Spring Flowers turns on when you touch the center of the screen.Let us know in the mail about your wishes and concerns for installing and using the application. In live wallpaper settings have ads.